Ophelia Marie

Little Rock, AR 72205 · (501) 436-9540 ·

I am a Business Strategist and Marketing Consultant.

As a Business Strategist, I work with online service-based women entrepreneurs to help them start their business and get their first client in as little as 30 days. 



As a Marketing Consultant, I offer systematic Web Design Solutions and various other marketing products and services such as Marketing Videos, Social Media Content Plans, Single Property Websites, and more.  

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More About Me

In the past, I've helped several entrepreneurs to start and improve their businesses, as well as referrals through networking.

I was influenced throughout my childhood by my grandmother, a well-know personal coach and substance abuse counselor in my hometown community.

I am always eager to share ideas, resources, referrals, and connect with others to see how I can add value. I am driven to encourage others towards success in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

My love of helping others motivated me to begin providing consulting, marketing, and coaching services online. My mission is to help entrepreneurs get started in their business and acquire more customers to grow their business. 


Here Are A Few Reasons:
  • You need someone to hold you accountable so you get things done!
  • You need to attract more clients and increase your income!
  • You need to stay focused and track your progress!
  • You need to network to for new connections and referrals!



"Get It Done!"

My coaching is geared towards helping aspiring online service-based women entrepreneurs to identify their true passions and monetize their ideas so they can start their own online business without the overwhelm. Feel free to join my Facebook Group, ACCELERATED ACTION & ACCOUNTABILITY. Click here to join!



I host and co-host three Meetup Groups: One More Customer Business Roundtable, Startup Grind Little Rock, and Digital Solutions for Small Businesses

Please feel free to join either or all groups! 



"MARKETING Products & Services"

In each project, my goal is to create premium professionally designed WordPress websites that are designed to provide the business solutions you need to convert more of your website visitors into paying customers. Inquire Here!

Marketing Products for Realtors

"Sell More Houses!"

I offer professional eye-catching marketing videos that showcase listings to help you sell! I also offer single property page websites and regular posting of relevant social media content to encourage engagement of your Facebook Business page followers.

Check out some of our marketing video designs here. 

Services for Restaurants

"Helping Restaurants to Stay in Business"

I offer a FREE online ordering system to help restaurants to take online orders for delivery and pickup. Other options are available as well to help restaurants to keep more of their money instead of paying a chunk of their earnings to food couriers. Schedule a brief presentation here.

Daycare Center Services

"Alternative Income System"

I now offer an alternative solution to help daycare centers to stay in business during this pandemic! Please email me for more information, or click the appointment icon above to schedule an appointment! Schedule a brief presentation here.

What Others Say

Let's Get Started!

When you are ready to take your business to the next level, you can reach out to me by scheduling a call/virtual session and I will be happy to help you with your business and digital marketing needs!